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Emerging Leaders in Mental Health: A Workshop for Professionals

This free online course is designed to advance and grow the capabilities and skills of tomorrow’s mental health leaders. Led by senior faculty from McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School, attendees will learn best practices, strategies, and evidence-based approaches to improving the patient care and provider experience.

Join us: Wednesday, September 20 @ 12pm ET

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Suicide-Focused Assessment and Treatment: An Update for Professionals

This free online course will present the most recent, cutting-edge advances in suicide-focused assessment and treatment, including the current efficacy of somatic and psychological interventions, the use of new clinical technologies, considerations for special populations including groups disproportionately affected by suicide, and insights from an individual with lived experience.

Join us: Wednesday, October 25, 2023 @ 11:30am ET

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Upcoming Webinars

Gearing Up Your Kids for a Mentally Healthy Summer

In this previously recorded session, Lisa W. Coyne, PhD, shares ways to check in on our loved ones without being intrusive, explains the importance of putting on our own oxygen masks first, and answers audience questions about how we can all safely and happily enjoy our summer.

Join us: Wednesday, June 7 @ 12pm ET

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Understanding Trauma and Trauma-Related Disorders

Join us as Matthew A. Robinson, PhD, provides an overview of PTSD, DID, and other trauma-related disorders, debunks common myths about these conditions, and covers the evidence-based treatment methods to ensure that people are able to manage their symptoms and live rewarding lives.

Join us: Tuesday, June 13 @ 11am ET

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Understanding the Mind-Body Connection of Eating Disorders

In this previously recorded session, Holly S. Peek, MD, MPH, leads a session on the impact of eating disorders on both mental and physical health, provides insights into better understanding the impact of emotions, and shares advice on how we can navigate a stressful world while staying true to ourselves.

Join us: Tuesday, June 20 @ 12pm ET

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Tips for Overcoming Self-Loathing

In this previously recorded session, Dr. Blaise Aguirre looks at the nature and presentation of self-loathing, considers its development in people living with BPD and related conditions, reviews the literature on the topic, and suggests some approaches to consider in tackling the experience of self-hatred.

Join us: Wednesday, June 28 @ 12pm ET

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How Can We Support Child and Teen Mental Health?

In this previously recorded session, Dr. Fairlee C. Fabrett shares ways to support child and adolescent mental health, offers tips to initiate conversations about well-being, and answers audience questions about caring for loved ones while also caring for ourselves.

Join us: Thursday, July 6 @ 12pm ET

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My Story of OCD, as Patient—and Provider

In this previously recorded session, Nathaniel Van Kirk, PhD, shares his story of diagnosis and treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, explains its impact on his career and passions, offers advice on authenticity and disclosing mental health conditions in the workplace, and answers audience questions about ways to deal with the challenges that life throws your way.

Join us: Wednesday, July 12 @ 12pm

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Helping Kids & Teens Manage Their Stress

In this previously recorded session, Lisa W. Coyne, PhD, shares ways to identify stress in kids of all ages, explains common sources of stress both in and out of the home, and provides tips and tricks for lowering stress levels that all members of the family can benefit from.

Join us: Tuesday, July 18 @ 12pm ET

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Mental Health and the LGBTQ+ Community

In this previously recorded session, Jeff Day, DNP, AGPCNP-BC, CNEcl, breaks down the most prevalent mental health challenges facing those who identify as LGBTQ+, shares tips for supporting someone in this community, and discusses the groundbreaking work he’s doing to help prepare nursing students to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Join us: Wednesday, July 26 @ 12pm ET

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College Student Mental Health 101

Join us as Sarah Ketchen Lipson, PhD, EdM, provides an overview of common mental health concerns for college students, shares tips for recognizing and addressing these challenges and the conditions they can lead to, and answers audience questions about typical campus resources for students who are struggling.

Join us: Thursday, September 7 @ 11am ET

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Understanding ADHD in Kids & Teens

In this previously recorded session, Roberto Olivardia, PhD, explains how we can help support the kids and teens we look after who have ADHD, addresses the stigma associated with ADHD diagnoses, and answers audience questions about how having ADHD can have its advantages.

Join us: Wednesday, September 13 @ 12pm ET

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Recognizing and Understanding Complex PTSD

In this previously recorded session, Patricia Mangones, PMHNP-BC, provides an overview of C-PTSD and its treatment, shares tips for recognizing signs of the disorder, and answers audience questions about supporting someone living with C-PTSD.

Join us: Wednesday, September 27 @ 12pm ET

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Suicide Assessment and Prevention On-Demand Course

The suicide rate has increased significantly over the past two decades, with nearly 50,000 people currently dying from suicide in America each year. This on-demand course presents the most up-to-date clinically useful information about suicide assessment and treatment, presented by both experts in the field and speakers with lived experience.

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The Global Impact of Emotional Trauma On-Demand Course

This on-demand course is aimed at dispelling long held misconceptions about assessing and treating emotional trauma. Experts from around the world share the latest updates in the field, including delivering care in low-resource settings and exploring special populations such as the unique experiences of refugees and displaced persons.

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