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We are living in challenging times and the compassionate team at McLean Hospital recognizes how stressful the COVID-19 pandemic is for everyone. We are committed to helping the people in our communities by providing support resources when they need us the most.

Join us for this free webinar series offered by McLean experts to help you feel mentally balanced and safe during these difficult times.


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Surviving a Pandemic With BPD

In an era of heightened uncertainty and unprecedented circumstances, many struggle to manage shifting emotions and intense moods. For individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) already facing significant baseline emotional and interpersonal instability, the COVID-19 pandemic creates a host of new challenges.

Dr. Brandon Unruh, medical director of the Gunderson Residence, will discuss BPD in the time of the pandemic, how to find stability in unstable moments, and how to create an emotionally safe environment for you and your loved ones during these trying times.

Join us: Wednesday, May 27 @ 11am EST

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Clinician Self-Care in Times of Crisis

Dr. Blaise Aguirre offered strategies from dialectical behavior therapy to help mental health professionals and health care workers cope with the challenges they are facing during COVID-19.

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Meaning and Purpose – A COVID-19 Mental Health Survival Guide

Dr. Christopher Palmer shared strategies for giving your day-to-day life more meaning, structure, and purpose to help combat feeling overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Remaining in Control of Our Emotions

Dr. Lois Choi-Kain discussed lessons learned from borderline personality disorder treatment that help us to manage high emotions, embrace key components of your personality, and become more comfortable with uncertainty.

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Supporting Child and Teen Mental Health During a Pandemic

Dr. Lisa Coyne discussed supporting the mental health of K-12 students, including talking about the foundations of coping and suggesting ways to navigate the newfound social and learning environments.

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Reducing Family Anxiety and Worry About Coronavirus

Dr. Lisa Coyne discussed ways to validate fearful emotions in adults and children and how to reframe anxiety with kids to make the ups and downs of the pandemic a challenge that’s easier for them to overcome.

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Strategies to Successfully Manage Stress During Difficult Times

Cathy Milliken, LCSW, helps us identify self-defeating behaviors, determine when behaviors may have addictive tendencies, and learn how to manage new circumstances while validating our feelings and our loved ones’ emotions.

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Frazzled Families and Overcoming Parental Burnout During COVID-19

Dr. Lisa Coyne discusses parental burnout, strategies to ease exhaustion, and ways to preserve mental health for both parents and children alike during this public health crisis.

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Supporting College Student Mental Health During COVID-19

Dr. Caitlin Nevins discusses considerations for students and families during this time, the impact of student identities, strategies to ease student transitions into at-home education, and ways to maintain their mental health and well-being.

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Stress, Eating, and Sleep – Self-Care During the Pandemic

Dr. Chris Palmer explains the relationship between diet, sleep, and stress, how eating well translates to better overall mental health, and ways to better refine these habits to feel your best through COVID-19 and beyond.

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Please Note: Continuing education credits (CME, CEU) are not available for these webinars. 


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Now more than ever, it’s important to think about ways to practice self-care.

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