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How To Support Someone With Depression

In this previously recorded session, Christopher M. Palmer, MD, explains ways to identify the mood disorder in ourselves and others, shares tips to support people we care for who are experiencing depression, and answers audience questions about depressive disorders and the stigma surrounding them.

Join us: Wednesday, December 6 @ 12pm ET

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Managing Grief and Loss

Join us as Susan Block, MD, provides a guide to understanding and addressing grief and loss, offers providers tips for how best to support a patient who is grieving, and answers audience questions about healthy coping strategies during bereavement.

Join us: Thursday, December 14 @ 11am ET

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Supporting Loved Ones Struggling With Addiction

In this previously recorded session, Julie M. McCarthy, PhD, shares ways to remain compassionate in difficult times, explains the external factors that can help or hinder the recovery process, and provides advice on facing the ups-and-downs of addiction that all members of the family can benefit from.

Join us: Tuesday, December 19 @ 12pm ET

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Caring for Burned-Out Caregivers

In this previously recorded session, Marie Clouqueur, LICSW, shares ways to identify burnout in caregiver populations, discusses how we can prevent burnout from happening, and answers questions about how caretakers can prioritize their own needs when it may feel difficult to do so.

Join us: Wednesday, January 3 @ 12pm ET

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Effectively Addressing Teen Anxiety and ADHD

Join us as Fairlee C. Fabrett, PhD, provides an overview of childhood anxiety and ADHD, discusses the diagnostic and evidence-based treatment approaches for each, and answers questions about helping a child manage the impacts of these two common conditions.

Join us: Thursday, January 11 @ 11am ET

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The Link Between Social Media & Mental Health

In this previously recorded session, Lisa W. Coyne, PhD, discusses the impact of social media on our mental health, shares how to set ground rules for digital consumption for you and your loved ones, and answers questions about loosening the grasp social media has on so many of us.

Wednesday, January 17 @ 12pm ET

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Understanding Trauma and Trauma-Related Disorders

In this previously recorded session, Matthew A. Robinson, PhD, provides an overview of PTSD, DID, and other trauma-related disorders, debunks common myths about these conditions, and covers the evidence-based treatment methods to ensure that people are able to manage their symptoms and live rewarding lives.

Join us Tuesday, January 23 @ 12pm ET

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Shining a Light on OCD

In this previously recorded session, Elizabeth McIngvale, PhD, LCSW, talks about the nuances and complexities of obsessive compulsive disorder, addresses advocacy in and out of the doctor’s office, and answers questions about OCD.

Join us: Tuesday, January 30 @ 12pm ET

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Addressing and Overcoming Test Anxiety

Join us as Alex Jordan, PhD, and Benjamin J. Lovett, PhD, discuss how test anxiety is assessed and treated, offer practical, evidence-based tips for improving studying and test-taking skills, and answer audience questions about the pros and cons of testing accommodations and other interventions.

Join us: Thursday, February 8 @ 11am ET

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Tap Into the Power of Self-Compassion

In this previously recorded session, David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, explains the impacts of self-compassion on our mental health, shares simple ways that we can become kinder to ourselves, and answers audience questions about how we can foster more compassion for ourselves and for one another.

Join us: Wednesday, February 21 @ 12pm ET

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Supporting Young Men’s Mental Health

In this previously recorded session, Byron Garcia, MD shares ways to create safe spaces for self-expression, explains the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions in young men and boys, and answers questions about how to encourage male teens and young adults to seek treatment if it’s needed.

Join us: Wednesday, February 28 @ 12pm ET

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Effectively Managing and Treating Trauma Disorders, Including PTSD

Join us as Heidi Browne, MD, provides an overview of PTSD and other trauma-related disorders, offers practical tips for recognizing their key signs, and shares evidence-based treatment options for those impacted by them.

Join us: Tuesday, March 5 @ 11am ET

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The Power of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

In this previously recorded session, Anna Precht, PsyD, provides an overview of dialectical behavior therapy and its application, offers tips for finding and working with a DBT provider, and answers audience questions about what to expect during and after treatment.

Join us: Wednesday, March 13 @ 12pm ET

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Managing Fears and Phobias in Kids and Teens

Join us as Jacqueline Sperling, PhD, breaks down common fears for kids and teens, offers strategies for parenting children who are feeling scared, and answers audience questions about specific phobias and how they’re treated.

Join us: Tuesday, March 19 @ 11am ET

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Addressing Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents

Join us as Alison M. Yaeger, PsyD, provides an overview of borderline personality disorder and its treatment, offers tips for identifying key BPD signs and symptoms, and answers audience questions about helping a child or teen navigate the condition.

Join us: Thursday, March 28 @ 11am ET

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Suicide Assessment and Prevention On-Demand Course

The suicide rate has increased significantly over the past two decades, with nearly 50,000 people currently dying from suicide in America each year. This on-demand course presents the most up-to-date clinically useful information about suicide assessment and treatment, presented by both experts in the field and speakers with lived experience.

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The Global Impact of Emotional Trauma On-Demand Course

This on-demand course is aimed at dispelling long held misconceptions about assessing and treating emotional trauma. Experts from around the world share the latest updates in the field, including delivering care in low-resource settings and exploring special populations such as the unique experiences of refugees and displaced persons.

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