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McLean Hospital recognizes the need for reliable and helpful mental health resources. With this in mind, we have dedicated the time of our staff to ensure we are making free resources available for the public and professionals in hopes of promoting healthy individuals and communities.

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How Identity Affects Mental Health

When asked to define the word “identity,” many think of their name or their job title. But identity is so much more than that—it is the sum of gender, sexuality, culture, ethnicity, and more. How we choose to identify ourselves can affect more than our driver’s licenses, LinkedIn accounts, or social circles—it can impact our mental health.

Dr. Chase Anderson shares how identity applies to mental health and how we can encourage and support others in discovering their identities and answers your questions about identity and its relationship with our mental well-being.

Join us: Wednesday, August 5 @ 3pm EST

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How Can I Connect With My Kids?

Depending on age, relationship, and other circumstances, there may be times where you feel as if you’re light-years away from your kid. Despite trying to connect with them, it seems like you can’t get through, no matter how hard you try. So how can you bond with your child or adolescent, especially if you’re already feeling challenged by the relationship?

We’ll talk with Dr. Lisa Coyne about how to connect with your kids and answer your questions about strengthening your bonds with your children, regardless of their age.

Join us: Thursday, August 6 @ 11am EST

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Ask Me Anything About Diet, Exercise, and the Mind

Having a good diet and regular exercise regimen has plenty of health benefits. But what do they do to our mental health? Is it possible to optimize our dietary and workout habits to achieve better mental health?

We’ll talk with Dr. Chris Palmer about the connections between mind, body and plate—and he answers your questions live about how what we eat and how we workout can change your state of mind.

Join us: Wednesday, August 12 @ 12pm EST

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Ask Me Anything About Kids and Screen Time

As the ways to connect digitally continue to expand, having regular screen time can be good for you—and your family. But what’s the tipping point for too much screen time? How can it affect the mental health of your children? Equally as importantly, is there a way to maintain balance of “just enough” screen time?

We’ll talk to Dr. Lisa Coyne about screen time for kids and she answers live questions about your children’s digital habits.

Join us: Thursday, August 20 @ 11am EST

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Managing Emotions and Expectations Around School

Whether children are returning full-time in person to school, part-time, or fully remote for their year, this uncharted territory for education has caused anxiety for kids and parents alike. Regardless of the environment they’ll be learning in, it’s important to manage the expectations of kids and help with their transition into a new school year. How can we help support them and lower their anxieties while also balancing work and parenting?

We’ll talk to Dr. Melinda Macht-Greenberg about ways to support the new educational experience, methods to successfully balance the many demands that come with parenting, working, and teaching kids during a pandemic.

Join us: Wednesday, August 26 @ 12pm EST

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