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Mental Health and the LGBTQ+ Community

Join us as Jeff Day, DNP, AGPCNP-BC, CNEcl, breaks down the most prevalent mental health challenges facing those who identify as LGBTQ+, shares tips for supporting someone in this community, and discusses the groundbreaking work he’s doing to help prepare nursing students to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Join us: Tuesday, February 7 @ 11am ET

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Maintaining a Mentally Healthy Relationship

In this previously recorded session, Dr. Lisa Coyne highlights the effects of mental wellness on relationships, explores the ways in which communication can positively impact the relationship’s dynamic, and answers audience questions about the importance of working through challenges together.

Join us: Tuesday, February 14 @ 12pm ET

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Supporting the Mental Health of Student Athletes

Join us as Cali Werner, LCSW, shares ways to spot signs and symptoms of mental health challenges in athletes, discusses how we can talk to our kids about mental health, and answers questions about how we can all work toward lessening the pressures student athletes feel from all angles.

Join us: Thursday, February 23 @ 11am ET

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Supporting a Healthy Mind Through Diet & Exercise

In this previously recorded session, Dr. Marni Chanoff discusses the impact of diet and exercise on our minds, shares ways to be healthier without feeling overwhelmed by new habits, and answers questions about methods to get everyone in the family on board with a healthy lifestyle.

Join us: Tuesday, February 28 @ 12pm ET

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Suicide Assessment and Prevention Course 2022

This on-demand course presents the most recent, cutting-edge advances in suicide-focused assessment and treatment, including the latest clinical interventions and technologies, considerations for special populations including groups disproportionately affected by suicide, and insights from a clinician with lived experience.

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The Global Impact of Emotional Trauma

This on-demand course is aimed at dispelling long held misconceptions about assessing and treating emotional trauma. Experts from around the world share the latest updates in the field, including delivering care in low-resource settings and exploring special populations such as the unique experiences of refugees and displaced persons.

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Recognizing and Understanding Complex PTSD

Join us as Patricia Mangones, PMHNP-BC, provides an overview of C-PTSD and its treatment, shares tips for recognizing signs of the disorder, and answers audience questions about supporting someone living with C-PTSD.

Join us: Thursday, March 9 @ 11am ET

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Depression 101

In this previously recorded session, Dr. Christian Webb explains the intricacies of depressive disorders, shares signs and symptoms that may point to depression, and answers audience questions about how to make it through darker days.

Join us: Wednesday, March 15 @ 12pm ET

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Helping Older Adults Manage Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias

Join us as Brent P. Forester, MD, MSc, breaks down what we should know about dementia and other cognitive disorders, shares tips for finding effective treatment, and answers audience questions about supporting someone living with these conditions.

Join us: Tuesday, March 21 @ 11am ET

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Simple Ways To Improve Sleep Hygiene

In this previously recorded session, Eriana Kirwin, OTD, discusses the importance of sleep, provides ways to determine what you need for your own sleep hygiene, and answers questions on how to put the “good” back in “good night.”

Join us: Wednesday, March 29 @ 12pm ET

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Caring for Burned-Out Caregivers

Join us as Marie Clouqueur, LICSW, shares ways to identify burnout in caregiver populations, discusses how we can prevent burnout from happening, and answers questions about how caretakers can prioritize their own needs when it may feel difficult to do so.

Join us: Thursday, April 6 @ 11am ET

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