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Student Athlete Mental Health: A Game Plan

This free course is aimed at addressing the vital role mental health plays in student athletes’ lives. Drawing on evidence-based practices and real-world scenarios, educators, coaches, and health care professionals can learn to recognize early signs of distress, foster open communication, and implement proactive measures to promote mental wellness within their sports teams.

Join us online: Wednesday, July 31 @ 11am-2:30pm ET

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Heroes of Hope: Championing Suicide Prevention Together

This free, online course is designed to empower health care, educational, and industry professionals with the essential skills to reduce suicide and respond effectively in its aftermath. We’ll explore the vital importance of proactive suicide prevention with practical strategies to identify warning signs, provide immediate support, and understand successful treatment.

Continuing medical education credits or a certificate of attendance are also available for a small fee.

Join us online: Friday, September 13 @ 11am-2:30pm ET

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Decoding and Demystifying Dyslexia

In this previously recorded session, Roberto Olivardia, PhD, explains what causes the challenges in learning to read and spell written words, shares ways to recognize the signs of dyslexia, provides tales from personal experience to help with condition management, and answers audience questions about dyslexia.

Join us: Wednesday, July 24 @ 12pm

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Understanding the Link Between Physical and Mental Health

In this previously recorded session, Christopher M. Palmer, MD, breaks down the connection between our physical and mental health, shares strategies to support our own and our loved ones’ health journeys, and answers audience questions about how we can feel better, mentally and physically.

Join us: Thursday, August 8 @ 12pm

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Promoting Positive Mental Health in K-12 Students

In this previously recorded session, Mills Smith-Millman, PhD, offers an overview of proven strategies for supporting the mental well-being of students in kindergarten through high school, discusses mental health training options for school professionals, and answers audience questions about common mental illnesses impacting children and adolescents.

Join us: Tuesday, August 20 @ 12pm ET

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Is It Self-Esteem or Self-Importance? Exploring Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Join us as Igor Weinberg, PhD, breaks down both the healthy and problematic ways we can see ourselves and the impacts of those perceptions, explores why NPD remains so stigmatized today, and answers questions about the disorder’s treatment and commonly co-occurring conditions.

Join us: Thursday, September 5 @ 11am ET

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Managing Your Mental Health During Presidential Election Season

Join us as Mark Longsjo, LICSW, explores the mental health pitfalls often presented by elections, offers practical tips for addressing the anxiety and depression they can trigger, and answers questions about managing our news consumption and navigating difficult political conversations with loved ones and colleagues.

Join us: Thursday, September 19 @ 11am ET

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Addressing Bullying in Kids & Teens

In this previously recorded session, Joyce Velt, LICSW, explains the effects of bullying on mental health, discusses how it can impact relationships in the short- and long-term, and answers audience questions about how we can help kids and teens feel included and welcome.

Join us: Wednesday, September 25 @ 12pm ET

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DBT Skills – The Value of Validation

Join us as Kathryn Broge, LICSW, shares the science behind validation and why it works, offers examples of how to validate the experiences of those we love, along with our own, and answers questions about how to practice validation in challenging interactions.

Join us: Tuesday, October 1 @ 11am ET

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Recognizing and Addressing Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues

In this previously recorded session, Roberto Olivardia, PhD, offers educators, clinicians, and concerned loved ones a roadmap for recognizing eating disorders and body image issues, provides tips for finding appropriate professional care, and answers questions about the causes and many manifestations of these conditions.

Join us: Friday, October 11 @ 12pm ET

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When Perfect Becomes Problematic – Perfectionism and More

Join us as R. Meredith Elkins, PhD, explains what sets adolescent perfectionism apart from healthy pursuits to excel, explores the short- and long-term impacts of unaddressed perfectionism, and answers audience questions about evidence-based treatment options.

Join us: Thursday, October 17 @ 11am ET

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When Parting With Possessions Becomes Problematic

In this previously recorded session, Jeff Szymanski, PhD, explains what hoarding disorder is and how it’s treated, offers tips for supporting someone living with HD, and answers audience questions about clutter and the key distinctions between collecting and hoarding.

Join us: Tuesday, October 29 @ 12pm ET

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Treatment-Resistant Depression – Now What Do I Do?

Join us as Joshua C. Brown, MD, PhD, shares what makes some forms of depression especially difficult to treat, explores proven, cutting-edge treatment, and answers questions about lifestyle changes for helping manage treatment-resistant depression.

Join us: Thursday, November 7 @ 11am ET

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College Student Mental Health 101

In this previously recorded session, Sarah Ketchen Lipson, PhD, EdM, provides an overview of common mental health concerns for college students, shares tips for recognizing and addressing these challenges and the conditions they can lead to, and answers audience questions about typical campus resources for students who are struggling.

Join us: Wednesday, November 13 @ 12pm ET

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Decoding Distress – BPD, PTSD, and the Fine Line Between

Join us as Gillian C. Galen, PsyD, provides an overview of borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, shares tips for understanding what sets them apart, and answers audience questions about the conditions’ shared symptoms, such as emotional dysregulation.

Join us: Tuesday, November 19 @ 11am ET

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Recognizing and Treating Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia

In this previously recorded session, Kathryn Eve Lewandowski, PhD, provides an overview of both schizophrenia and the different types of bipolar disorder, shares tips for spotting their signs and seeking treatment, and answers audience questions about successfully supporting someone living with these conditions.

Join us: Tuesday, December 3 @ 12pm ET

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Taking Care of Business AND Your Mental Health

Join us as David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, explores common business-related mental health challenges, offers strategies for addressing them, and answers questions about learning to thrive with on-the-job anxiety.

Join us: Thursday, December 12 @ 11am ET

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Healthy Coping for Children and Adolescents

In this previously recorded session, Maggie Gorraiz, PhD, explores different types of coping strategies for children and adolescents, shares age-appropriate ways to teach coping to our loved ones, and answers audience questions about the mental health benefits that healthy coping can bring to our whole families.

Join us: Wednesday December 18 @ 12pm ET

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Courses Available On Demand

OCD Foundations: On-Demand Course

OCD is often misdiagnosed, with many individuals going years without an accurate diagnosis or treated for a different disorder because their health care provider wasn’t familiar with OCD. This on-demand course covers accurate diagnosis, underlying theory, and tools/strategies to help patients living with OCD.

There are two ways to take this course. Certificate of completion or continuing medical education credits are available with a registration fee.

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Anxiety and OCD in Kids and Teens: On-Demand Course

In this on-demand course, we delve into the realities of these conditions in children and teenagers, explore the crucial role that adults play in supporting young individuals, examine effective methods of recognizing and diagnosing various conditions affecting this population, and finally, discuss what effective, modern treatment looks like for those who require it.

There are two ways to take this course. You can watch for free at any time. Continuing education credits are also available for a small fee.

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Emerging Leaders in Mental Health On-Demand Course

This on-demand course is designed to advance and grow the capabilities and skills of tomorrow’s mental health leaders. Led by senior faculty from McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School, attendees will learn best practices, strategies, and evidence-based approaches to improving the patient care and provider experience.

There are two ways to take this course. You can watch for free at any time. Continuing education credits are also available for a small fee.

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The Global Impact of Emotional Trauma On-Demand Course

This on-demand course is aimed at dispelling long held misconceptions about assessing and treating emotional trauma. Experts from around the world share the latest updates in the field, including delivering care in low-resource settings and exploring special populations such as the unique experiences of refugees and displaced persons.

There are two ways to take this course. You can watch for free at any time. Continuing education credits are also available for a small fee.

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