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Simple Ways To Improve Sleep Hygiene

In this previously recorded session, Eriana Kirwin, OTD, discusses the importance of sleep, provides ways to determine what you need for your own sleep hygiene, and answers questions on how to put the “good” back in “good night.”

Join us: Wednesday, March 29 @ 12pm ET

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Caring for Burned-Out Caregivers

Join us as Marie Clouqueur, LICSW, shares ways to identify burnout in caregiver populations, discusses how we can prevent burnout from happening, and answers questions about how caretakers can prioritize their own needs when it may feel difficult to do so.

Join us: Thursday, April 6 @ 11am ET

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Building Confidence in Kids & Teens

In this previously recorded session, David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, shares tips and tricks about teaching confidence and self-reliance, offers insight into when we should be letting our loved ones lead, and answers audience questions about how these skills can lead to better overall mental health.

Join us: Wednesday, April 12 @ 12pm ET

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The Power of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Join us as Anna Precht, PsyD, provides an overview of dialectical behavior therapy and its application, offers tips for finding and working with a DBT provider, and answers audience questions about what to expect during and after treatment.

Join us: Thursday, April 20 @ 11am ET

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Apply ACT Principles to Your Daily Life

In this previously recorded session, Jason Krompinger, PhD, facilitates an open conversation about ACT, discusses its effectiveness beyond OCD treatments, and answers questions about how through the psychological processes of this therapy, we can all become more mentally flexible.

Join us: Tuesday, April 25 @ 12pm ET

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Suicide Assessment and Prevention Course

This on-demand course presents the most recent, cutting-edge advances in suicide-focused assessment and treatment, including the latest clinical interventions and technologies, considerations for special populations including groups disproportionately affected by suicide, and insights from a clinician with lived experience.

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The Global Impact of Emotional Trauma Course

This on-demand course is aimed at dispelling long held misconceptions about assessing and treating emotional trauma. Experts from around the world share the latest updates in the field, including delivering care in low-resource settings and exploring special populations such as the unique experiences of refugees and displaced persons.

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Reducing the Impact of Dissociative Identity Disorder

In this previously recorded session, Milissa Kaufman, MD, PhD, explains the symptoms and impact of dissociative identity disorder, highlights why it may be difficult to recognize DID, and answers audience questions about tips for coping with dissociative disorders.

Join us: Tuesday, May 9 @ 12pm ET

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Defying Impostor Syndrome

In this previously recorded session, Dr. Orbé-Austin shares methods to own your greatness, unearths ways to keep our inner critic from holding us back, and answers audience questions about how we can use our own mental strength to overcome impostor syndrome.

Join us: Wednesday, May 24 @ 12pm ET

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Fear, Anxiety, or Panic?

Join us as Nathaniel Van Kirk, PhD, breaks down both the helpful and unhealthy ways we respond to perceived and imagined threats, offers tips for recognizing what’s what and when to seek help, and answers questions about panic and anxiety disorders and how they’re treated.

Join us: Tuesday, May 30 @ 11am ET

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