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McLean Hospital recognizes the need for reliable and helpful mental health resources. With this in mind, we have dedicated the time of our staff to ensure we are making free resources available for the public and professionals in hopes of promoting healthy individuals and communities.

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Helping Adolescents With Anxiety

Anxiety is something we all have, but too much anxiety has the potential to impact every part of a young person’s life, including their physical health, emotional well-being, and social habits.

Are the symptoms of anxiety the same in kids and teens as they are in adults? How can we talk to adolescents about anxiousness? And is it ever too late to seek help for anxiety?

Join us as Jason Krompinger, PhD, provides tips to talk with teens about anxiety, explains the differences between types of anxiety, and answers questions about addressing stigma around the most common mental health disorder.

Join us: Thursday, January 27 @ 1pm ET

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Introducing Mindfulness to Kids & Teens

Kids these days live stressful, fast-paced lives—whether they’re navigating school, extracurriculars, or being social. For children and adolescents, the mental flexibility learned from mindfulness can help them have better focus, manage symptoms of stress, have better emotional regulation, and be more positive.

Join us as Gillian C. Galen, PsyD, shares ways to introduce mindfulness to children and adolescents, provides tips and tricks to make mindfulness practices more second nature to the whole family, and answers questions about how mindfulness can make a positive impact both on our kids and ourselves.

Join us: Tuesday, February 1 @ 11am ET

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Building Trust in Kids & Adolescents

There is no handbook to being a successful parent. Mistakes are bound to happen, but establishing trust with your child can help you continue to have a strong bond even after mistakes are made.

Trust is a crucial part of parenting—and can start as early as infancy. Being trusting isn’t just a measure of whether or not you, as their caretaker, are listening to your child. Playtime, establishing privacy, and skill development are all moments that can help instill trust between you and your kids.

Join us as Holly S. Peek, MD, MPH, leads a discussion on how to build trust in children and adolescents, provides insights into privacy and boundaries to set with your loved ones, and answers audience questions about ways to actively strengthen your bonds with your kids.

Join us: Thursday, February 3 @ 3pm ET

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Navigating Difficult Conversations with Children & Adolescents

Having difficult conversations is challenging, but if they’re handled well, it can bring you closer together with your children. Being caretaker means setting the tone that your kids can come to you with anything they want to talk to you about.

Talking about tough subjects helps strengthen your child’s ability to solve problems, communicate well with others, and think critically. By being a parent that doesn’t shy away from tough stuff, you can help your child learn to deal with what life throws their way.

Join us as Blaise Aguirre, MD, suggests ways to approach difficult topics with children and adolescents, shares strategies to encourage your kids to open up to you, and answers audience questions about navigating tough talks throughout childhood.

Join us: Wednesday, February 16 @ 11am ET

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More 2022 Webinars Coming Soon!

Our webinar series has more informative sessions planned through 2022 and beyond, with a special focus on child and adolescent mental health.

Upcoming topics will include:

  • Teen depression
  • Anxiety and OCD in children
  • Talking to a child about mental illness
  • Support for parents
  • Dedicated sessions for educators and administrators
  • And more

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Experts cover topics such as:

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  • Managing stress and burnout
  • Supporting loved ones with conditions including depression and borderline personality disorder
  • LGBTQ mental health
  • Many, many more

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