Webinar: Identifying and Treating Borderline Personality Disorder

Thursday, May 30 @ 11am ET

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Dr. Carla Sharp Deconstructs the Diagnosis and Management of BPD

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) can make most everything about a person feel unstable—from their moods and behavior, to their relationships and identity. It impacts self-image, likes and dislikes, and personal goals. And all too often, people living with the condition find themselves on edge after even the smallest of triggers. Fortunately, BPD can be treated. But first it has to be recognized, and that’s not always easy.

So what should we all know about spotting the signs and symptoms of BPD? Who’s at risk of developing this disorder? And how can it most effectively be treated?

Join us as Carla Sharp, PhD, provides an overview of BPD diagnosis and treatment, shares tips for loved ones and professionals supporting someone with the condition, and debunks the many myths surrounding this complex disorder.

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Harvard Medical School
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115


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Carla Sharp, PhD

Carla Sharp, PhD, is a professor and associate dean for faculty and research at the University of Houston’s (UH) College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. She is also director of the Adolescent Diagnosis Assessment Prevention and Treatment Center and the Developmental Psychopathology Lab at UH.

Much of Dr. Sharp’s research uses borderline personality disorder (and other personality pathology) to study issues with social-cognitive function.





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